Study on Gut Bacteria in FPIES Seeks Non-Allergic Infants as Comparison

Researchers at NYU Langone Health are investigating the role of gut bacteria (microbiota) in FPIES. They are seeking healthy, non-allergic babies (4-12 months old) as comparison for babies who have FPIES and IgE-mediated food allergy. The participation entails donating a stool sample and completing a questionnaire online (takes about 5-10 minutes). Tubes for stool samples […]

Adults with FPIES: New Online Research Questionnaire

Are You an Adult with FPIES? Researchers from the Division of Allergy at the University of Rochester, Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, Texas Children Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in collaboration with International FPIES Association (I-FPIES: www.fpies.org), invite you to complete an online questionnaire to better characterize the experience of […]

FPIES Added to CoFAR Scope of Research

Huge news! FPIES has been officially added to the scope of research for the Consortium for Food Allergy Research (CoFAR), which conducts clinical research in the areas of prevention and treatment of food-induced allergic conditions. This paves the way for additional research funding and accelerates our efforts to identify a biomarker, diagnostic, and treatment for […]

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