At the Restaurant

  • All in the Timing: Visit the restaurant during quieter and slower dining hours. This will allow your Chef more time to prepare and focus on creating a safe, allergy-free meal. Prior to eating, review your child's meal plan with the chef and answer any questions he or she may have.
  • Be Prepared in the Event of an Emergency: No matter how carefully you have planned and prepared, always carry your Emergency Letter. Anytime you visit a restaurant, no matter how many times you have visited, it is important that you review your meal plan and have an emergency plan in place.
  • Where Everyone Knows Your Name: Develop a relationship with your favorite establishments. Showing your appreciation for maintaining the safety of your child helps everyone involved to feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Be sure to tell your chef he or she is doing a good job.
TIP: It is also okay to bring your child's safe foods to the restaurant to dine with family and friends. Prior to arrival, be sure to call the restaurant to alert them that you will be bringing food for your child. If you are comfortable, you may even request that the staff plate your child's meal from home so that your child can enjoy dining out with family even more.

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