Your FPIES Travel Checklist

  • Research a location for your travels (1-6 months prior to travel)
  • Contact several lodging options and speak with hotel or housing manager with inquires (1 month prior)
  • Select lodging (1 month prior)
  • Contact airline and get familiar with its food allergy policies (1 month prior)
  • Outline necessary accommodations for air travel (1 month prior)
  • Speak with special services department of airline to request special accommodations (3-4 weeks prior with the exception of emergency travel needs)
  • Document confirmation number and details needed to utilize special accommodations (after completion of special service call)
  • Purchase or borrow travel cooler or extra carry-on (2 weeks prior)
  • Complete Guest Allergy/Dietary Restrictions form and provide to lodging chef (2 weeks prior)
  • Request your healthcare provider complete our Sample Letter of Medical Necessity, update your emergency action plan and suggest a medical referral in case of emergency (2-4 weeks prior)
  • Refill any necessary medications or nutritional supplies; request a higher quantity should your trip be delayed (2-3 weeks prior)
  • Enroll for SMART Safe Traveler program if traveling internationally (2 weeks prior)
  • Draft packing list (2 weeks prior)
  • Compile and pack all medical and personal supplies (1-2 weeks prior)
  • Review check list and double check bags (evening before)
  • Keep medical documentation, identification, ER letter and needed supplies with you at all times

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