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Summary Description: The facilitator will be the liaison between the medical advisor and the families and caregivers dealing with FPIES. The facilitator is responsible for coordinating regular support groups, choosing the date, time and meeting place. The facilitator is responsible for preparing for the topic of discussion as well as inviting and coordinating with any guest speakers. The facilitator is responsible for inviting families to the meetings and providing communication to both the medical advisor and families attending the meetings.

  • You are the bridge between the medical advisor and families living with FPIES.
  • Your time commitment will be appreciated by all the families and caregivers. If needed a co-facilitator can become part of your group. Meetings will be hosted quarterly at the decided upon location.
  • You will assist in securing guest speakers with the help of your medical advisor to be present during these meetings and prepare for your upcoming topic. Examples include nutritionists, occupational therapists, GI doctors, allergists, etc.
  • You will provide communication to both the families and medical advisors regarding meeting dates, times, places, topics of discussion and guest speakers.
  • You will help promote the support group to medical providers and families within the FPIES community.
  • You will help foster positive, lasting relationships between parents, families and the medical community.
  • I-FPIES will supply information and materials to distribute on a quarterly basis.

If you're interested in becoming a facilitator for an FPIES Support Group in your area, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We've developed a packet of materials to help facilitators run a successful support group. The International FPIES Association is here to offer assistance each step of the way.

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