Welcome to Our FPIES Support Group Page
Offering a New Model of Support for Families Challenged by FPIES

If you've landed here, chances are you:
· Have a child (or close family member) diagnosed with FPIES;
· Struggle with managing this rare and perplexing condition;
· Join online communities, seeking advice and personal stories from others traveling the same road;
· Find yourself frustrated by web searches and the lack of concrete information and medical insights.

It's time for MORE: More information, more insights, more support.

I-FPIES invites you to jump beyond the internet
into a real time, real world group that offers
emotional support and solid medical insight.

Our FPIES Support Groups— held in various locations around the world—provide families with the opportunity to meet regularly and share their stories. Then they go a step beyond: they offer collaboration with medical professionals and guest speakers, all committed to helping you traverse this challenging diagnosis. To learn more about our support group model, visit the links below:

Top 8 Reasons to Join an FPIES Support Group FPIES Parents: Lead a Support Group in Your Area Medical Professionals: Become a Support Group Advisor Find an FPIES Support Group (Coming Soon!)


Together, we can make the FPIES journey
a little easier and a lot more personal and informative.




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