Below is a sampling of media coverage about FPIES and families affected by FPIES. If you would like to share your media link, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

November 4, 2013
          Edmonton Toddler Allergic to All Food
June 23, 2014
          Quick-thinking Tecumseh Boy Saves Baby Sister
November 1, 2013
          Southington Boy Has Rare Food Allergy
June 4, 2013
          New Diagnostic Code Gives Hope to Kids With FPIES Allergies
June 4, 2013
          Video: Mom Fights for Boy Who Can Only Eat 7 Foods
May 8, 2013
          Boy Only Able to Eat 9 Foods
April 1, 2013
          Food Allergy Stresses Moms, Baffles Doctors
February 1, 2012
          FPIES: New Hope for Children Who Can Eat Only Several Foods
September 26, 2011
          Swanton Mom Raises Awareness of Rare Food Allergy-like Syndrome
July 7, 2011
          Parents Limit Child to Less Than 10 Foods 
July 7, 2011
          CHOP Patient Landon Schultz Featured on Good Morning America
May 3, 2011
          FPIES in a Mother’s Eye!
March 26, 2011
         Good Day Sacramento clip from a FPIES Garage Sale/Fundraiser
March 23, 2011
         Rare Syndrome Causes Big Time Tummy Trouble

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